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SAVE THE DATE! 23rd Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET23) 21-24 September 2022

The 23rd Global Conference on Environmental Taxation will be held in Parma 21-24 September 2022. You are invited to attend in person or, under this year’s hybrid approach. The conference theme, The Green Growth Challenge, offers participants the opportunity to explore the role of taxation and other market-based instruments in achieving the transition to greener economies and safer environments around the world.

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  1. Dear Suseet Colleagues,
    all ways lead to Italy this year! after Suseet in Napoli,
    the Global Conference on Environmental Taxation is back in Italy (18 years after Pavia 2004)
    in Parma 21-24 September 2022.
    A good opportunity to come back and work together on Environmental Taxation …
    hope to meet you again in Parma, all the best,
    Aldo Ravazzi

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