What is Suseet

SUSEET is a Summer School in European Environmental Taxation organized by the Law Department of the University of Naples Federico II in the framework of a Jean Monnet Module funded by the European Commission. SUSEET is coordinated by professor Roberta Alfano and its key staff members include Prof. Marta Villar, Prof. Edoardo Traversa, Dr. Alice Pirlot, Mr. Aldo Ravazzi Douvan, Dr. Federica Pitrone, Prof. José Andrés Rozas, Prof. Enrico Traversa, Prof. Francisco Adame Martinez, Dr. Gionata Castaldi and Dr. Marina Bisogno.

The first edition took place online due to COVID-19 from 20tht to 26th June 2021 with about 70 participants from all over Europe and 15 South American participants.

The second edition will take place at the University of Naples from 20tht to 25th June 2022 in presence and online. Undergraduate students in law and Economics, Ph.D. students and young professionals will learn the fundamentals of European environmental taxation, becoming aware of the complex economic and social issues related to this topic.

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